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Please note that all business transactions carried out within this division
are done under our sister company Flight Synergy Inc (website under construction).

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Our General Aviation Division
offers a comprehensive range of
services to our Clients.

For an Aircraft Purchaser, these services include --

  • Advising the Client on the ownership and operating costs of the required aircraft, including the drawing up of detailed, computer-based cash flows on all operating costs, financing expenses and tax considerations, tailored to the Clients exact requirements and situation.

  • Market research to determine the realistic purchasing cost of the target model aircraft

  • Worldwide search to locate suitable machines within the Client's budget

  • In consultation with the Client, drawing up a comprehensive Purchase Offer Agreement aimed at securing the aircraft at an attractive price and protecting the purchaser in the event that the aircraft is misrepresented in any way

  • Establishment of the necessary offshore Escrow/Trust Accounts for the efficient handling of the transfer of funds

  • Scheduling and appointment of a suitably qualified organization for conducting a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection of the aircraft

    Lear 25C Sold by our company in Southern Africa.

  • Foreign title searches to confirm legal ownership of the aircraft prior to delivery

  • Re-negotiation of the Purchase terms, as required, as a result of the Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Advising the Client on required insurance, finance, and/or tax structuring options

  • All arrangements relating to any required ferry arrangements, final delivery, and de-registration and re-registration of the aircraft.

  • We now offer Aircraft Financing Services to not only our clients, but to any aircraft purchaser in the USA.

Contact us today your specific requirements.

Contact Details:
Telephone: (386) 882-5367 (USA Eastern Standard Time)
Fax:  (509) 352-4810
Mail: PO Box 291145, Port Orange, Fl 32129, USA

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