We offer custom still-photo and video aerial photography services to resorts, hotels, construction companies, Residential and Commercial Real Estate firms, factories, pollution-control organisations, marine patrol services, golf courses, government organisations, and more.

From our base in Daytona Beach, Florida, we are able to cover the entire State of Florida, with most effective coverage of the area from Vero Beach North to the Florida/Georgia border and across to the Florida West Coast.

We have also conducted assignments across the country and in other parts of the world, where we fly commercially to the distant location and then hire an appropriate aircraft or helicopter to conduct the assignment.

We use fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and even ground-based aerial platforms such as balloons and radio-controlled helicopters, together with a mix of digital and traditional-film photographic equipment, to capture just the right detail and information for your requirements.

What can Aerial Photography do for your company?
Aerial photography is an underutilized tool that can be highly effective for the marketing, monitoring and measuring of private and commercial property developments, roads, rivers, construction projects, environmental areas, factories and similar facilities.

Remote construction sites can be monitored on a weekly or monthly basis, with digital images being fed to the Head Office the same day they are taken.

Aerial photos can be excellent marketing & advertising tools for magazines, Annual Reports, posters, instructional maps, promotional materials such as mousepads, deskpads, and striking postcard marketing.

Viewing the world from the air allows one to observe numerous factors that may not be apparent from the ground. These include -
- Allowing a single view of an entire property, thereby giving the viewer a far better understanding of the layout of a property, it's boundaries, it's relative position to various local developments, etc
- Determining the flood-plain of an area of land, ie. the ability of large areas of land to withstand extended periods of rain
- Measuring the effectiveness of insecticides or herbicides on crop growth or foreign plant control (including the use of infrared aerial photography)
- Locating pollution outflows into rivers and oceans
- Locating large foreign objects
- Viewing the performance of pollution control systems, both liquid and gaseous
- Determining the effects of waves and currents on shorelines & breakwaters
- Conducting bird and other wildlife counts

Aerial photography is also used for -
- Perimeter security planning
Landscape planning
- Annual Report photographs
- Employee training tools, including fire and evacuation drills
- Traffic flow surveys
- Parking lot planning
- Movie location scouting
- And lots more!

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Aerial photo examples

What's it worth?
Billion$ !

Sam Walton, founder of WalMart stores, knew something about the value of aerial surveys. And considering what he accomplished in building the WalMart empire, one of his secrets is worth noting.

Mr Walton knew exactly where he wanted to build his stores - right in the middle of the growth-path of the strongest residential development that was going on just outside a town or city.

Older Cessna 210, similar to
Sam Walton's first aircraft.

He needed a practical way to accurately determine which direction a town or city was growing in. He could have used statistical information from the local City Hall, but Sam Walton had a quicker, more fool-proof tool to use.

He simply took his Cessna 210 aircraft with an assistant, flew around the prospective town or city, taking careful note of all new housing developments and observing how - and in which directions - the area was growing.

Once he knew the path of the growth, he took aerial photos of prospective store locations, found out who the owners were, and went about buying up just the property that he wanted, right in the location he had targeted.

If you look around you today, you'll find that Sam Walton's aerial survey efforts, along with some sharp business acumen, paid off. Most WalMart stores are placed just where Mr Walton would have wanted them - right in the middle of the growth-path of a town.

Now think how aerial photography, or an aerial survey captured on video tape, could benefit your business.

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photography examples

Updated 11/07/2013